How to play the recorder easily?

Of all the wind instruments, the recorder is the one that became most popular in the 14th century. It is normally the easiest instrument for children, but adults can also try it. In this article, you will find the steps you need to follow to play this wonderful instrument with ease. Learn the blowing and the strategy of the tongue stroke The first thing to do when you want to master the flute properly is the blowing strategy. You must blow calmly and slowly. You need to keep the air flow steady and regular. Make it look like soap bubbles. Because when you blow hard, the sound will be so unplea... Read

Six good reasons to learn to play the guitar?

The guitar is a truly versatile instrument, allowing you to play any song you know the chords and notes to. This musical instrument has incredible benefits that you never knew existed. Find in this article the 6 good reasons why everyone should try the guitar. An instrument accessible to all and very therapeutic What attracts many people to the guitar is the ease of acquisition. Everyone without exception can afford a guitar. Whatever your budget, you can easily get a guitar and start trying. What’s more interesting is that even without knowing any music theory, you can practice by yours... Read

Six good reasons to learn the violin

You want to learn a special musical instrument and you don’t know what to choose. The violin is one of the few most chosen musical instruments. Find in this article, the 6 reasons that prove that this musical instrument is a perfect choice. The violin, an unusual and easy to carry instrument In all the music schools you will go through, you will see that the violin is the least learned musical instrument. Everyone is interested in the guitar and the piano, but only the brave are interested in the violin. That’s why violinists are always in demand. You can see then that choosing to... Read

Why start playing the flute?

Learning the flute is not exclusively for musicians. If you are a music lover, you can try learning the flute. You will have a great time while learning this instrument. Discover the good reasons why you should start this special musical instrument. Easy to carry and no age limit There’s nothing more interesting than an all-purpose musical instrument. The flute is the musical instrument that you can carry everywhere you go. You can put it in your purse, handbag and also in a backpack. It is not a big instrument that may require a big luggage. Even on a plane, you can travel with your flu... Read

The drums: what to do to play it?

The drums are a collection of instruments that allow you to have the rhythm. Indeed, playing drums is not a trivial game because it is a question of steps. This exercise is not difficult if the rigor and seriousness reign. How to learn to play drums easily? If you have the thirst to learn the drums, follow us in our article. Knowing your instrument correctly for the beginning You can’t want to learn the drums and not master them properly. It is necessary to know each element of the drum set. It is composed of the bass drum which gives the low sound. It has a pedal that the drummer manipu... Read